Alain Silberstein

Colour, colour and more colour. Whilst a lot of high-end luxury watches want to keep things classic on their haute horlogeries, Alain Silberstein doesn`t sail in the same boat. The zen designer focuses on two main aspects, "Basically, I have two main styles: one which is more related to colours and the other is based on just materials," he says.

His claim to fame was his dash of playfulness and colour in the watch industry where everyone was too serious concentrating on the sophisticated mechanical movements, and how they can convince the customer when it was plain and clear that batteries were better than winding.

A lot of expensive high-end haute horlogerie have a Swiss origin and are pioneers of the watch industry aged at least two centuries old. Alain Silberstein was rather less privileged in both aspects, the young eponymous company was born in 1987 and is neither a Swiss company but French.

Brief History and Philosophy

Alain Silberstein started his company at a time when everyone was losing faith in the watchmaking industry. Even the old and legendary watchmakers were at the brink of bankruptcy. Alain took the crisis as an opportunity, he felt this was the best time for him despite his zero experience in horology. He was instead an interior architect falling in love with the design aspect of watches, his inspiration being the advent Swatch. Its only Alain`s belief in himself that kept him going, doing what no one else had done before suddenly didn’t seem so far away for him.

During this era, very few individuals were ready to stake their livelihoods on a profession that was perceived by almost everyone as having no future. Alain Silberstein had also a few competitors of his time who also delved into the haute horlogerie with two feet, the likes of Rolf Schnyder of Ulysse Nardin, Gerd-Rüdiger Lang of Chronoswiss and Jean-Claude Biver of Blancpain (and later Hublot). These were one of the very few and scarce visionary enthusiast entrepreneurs who still had faith in haute horlogerie.

Fortunately, history has proven all of them right, not only was they successful at what they created during this time of the quartz crisis but they are now looked up upon by the rest of the world and accredited for their untiring spirits. There was no motivation when they started, it simply took believing in oneself.

Being part of this early group, Alain didn`t have any special advantages, rather he was handicapped due to his French origin and not being Swiss. He was just a normal young French lad with a humble background from the picturesque Jura city Besançon, located on the other side of Switzerland border where the francs used at the time were not Swiss but French and the French dialect is spoken with a tad differently.

People make 80% of their decisions from visual influence. Alain Silberstein wanted to take the seriousness out of luxury watchmaking industry. He understood that if he could make something unique and playful then he would get a large consumer base. However, he wasn`t that much focused on the profits, "I'm not trying to make a Coca-Cola watch: my watches are for everybody. I just love designing and creating watches and by chance, by design and creation they move people to purchase them. Period," says Alain sternly to Gulf news.

Like any other entrepreneur, the road wasn`t all smooth for Alain Silberstein all the time. He also had his share of ups and downs. Alain was always the first to refuse to take the credit of being a watchmaker, he always considered himself a designer. All he wanted was a lasting but attractive and quaint watch so he used the reliable mechanical movements.
Alain has been growing in the watch industry. His early designs involved strong primary colours had common geometric shapes in unexpected places like the hands, pushers, and crown. During this era, there was little thought concerning special movements, ETA automatics powered almost all mechanical movements. The watchmaking community has been experiencing some drastic changes over the years. Alain has been through all these phases and being considered the watch world`s “enfant terrible” didn`t put him down. Instead, he began experimenting with colours and textures which had never been tapped on in the watchmaking community. Alain was successful in his endeavors, he was one of the first to successfully set diamonds into stainless steel in the time when that was a joke. Alain Silberstein wasn`t done yet, by the turn of the millennium he went on a quest to find a way to get colour onto a mechanism`s components and what he was looking for wasn`t so far away. Alain found a small French supplier who was determined to supply him the materials and immediately he started to make his base plates blue, lilac-hued, red, bronze . . . all the craze, you name it. Now, Silberstein had his dream superpower to change the look of any part. Currently, Silberstein for some reasons dropped out of sight as an independent designer. Nonetheless, he is still active as a watchmaker as he has resurfaced at several Baselworld watches and jewelry shows. What made so people shake their heads at, others fell in love like nothing else. Alain Silberstein`s designs have polarized to this day.

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