Baume & Mercier

Unlike a lot of individuals who do not believe in family business, the Baume brothers saw the family as a plus to succeed in business and teamed up to form "Frères Baume". The two brothers were determined to make their brand grow worldwide from their local village, Les Bois, a picturesque village in the Swiss Jura.

Since the enactment of the company in 1830, excellence has always presided over the measurement of time in the Baume`s business. The company is well known for making high end expensive and prestigious timepieces for men and women watch aficionados and connoisseurs. The company has a rich history and over the years they have built for themselves a heritage of timepieces which they sometimes revisit in contemporary versions.


Initially known as "Frères Baume", Baumer and Mercier has a long history which dates back to the 18th century. The company started as a business project between two brothers, Louis-Victor and Célestin Baume whereby they sold watches in their local village, Les Bois, a picturesque village in the Swiss Jura. Somehow the two brothers managed to forge a covetable reputation for producing outstanding timepieces which incorporated the latest innovations.

Their motto was "accept the only perfection and always manufacture watches of the highest quality". The two brothers never strayed from their motto and their business grew from zero to hero within an unprecedented period of time. The Swiss family affair expanded locally and also broke the international boundaries with spreading throughout the British Empire and spanning Africa, Australia, Burma, New Zealand, India, and Singapore. Unlike other watch manufacturers at the time who mainly only focused on men`s watches, the Baume brothers also believed that wrist watches had appeal for women too. In 1869 Louis-Victor gifted Mélina, his daughter a gold pocket watch. It was also during this era, that the company was specializing in grand complications and chronographs, specifically calendars, tourbillons, and minute repeaters.

By the late 19th century, Baume and Mercier had earned themselves an established worldwide reputation, and their timepieces had set accuracy records, not to mention the countless awards at the timekeeping competitions. Just to mention a few, Baume won the precision timing trials held by the Kew Observatory near London with their chronometer pocket-watch equipped with a tourbillon movement with a precision which has remained unmatched for over a decade, the 1919 Poinçon de Genève, the highest distinction in watchmaking which testifies to the outstanding craftsmanship and quality of a piece. Among many others

On the onset of the 1920s, Baume and Mercier`s then-director William Baume saw the need to merge his family business with Paul Mercier. The merging of the two companies formed what we now know as Baume and Mercier. The arrival of Paul Mercier into the scene did not go unnoticed. Paul Mercier was eager to make sure that the brand should keep pace with trends and move with the times. Energized by Paul Mercier`s arrival, the company laid down a foundation of a corporate philosophy that has been maintained in the business over the years till this day. The company has mastered horology and embodied it through timeless elegance.

The firm gained a lot of fame due to its remarkable balanced special shaped, particularly unconventional models that did not have the traditional rounded form.

In order to counter the roaring twenties, the brand embraced women`s emancipation. In the 1940s Baume and Mercier launched one of their prodigious collections, most notably was the 2 Register Chronograph and the Marquise. Their early forms of this model are highly sought after by collectors, often fetching double or triple the price of the later model in auctions.

These jewelry watches were both practical and attractive, nestling inside a bangle style bracelet. Women loved this! Motivated by this creative momentum, Baume and Mercier further produced more exquisitely creative and amazingly modern ladies’ watches. Baume and Mercier proved that watches for women are not merely low and simplistic recreations of the masculine models. They embraced femininity and made it an integral part of the haute horlogerie, which was more modest and enviable in the new modern culture.

In the 1970s, Baume & Mercier introduced shaped timepieces such as the Galaxie and Stardust models. In 1973, Baume & Mercier presented the Riviera, one of the world's first steel sports watches.

In the late 20th century, Baume and Mercier was one of the watchmakers that were incorporated in the Richemont group. Currently, Baume and Mercier offers the Hampton and Classima collections for both men and women, the Linea and Promesse collections for women and the Capeland collection for men. Like other watchmakers, Baume and Mercier also delved into the sports world by partnering with the celebrated American race car maker Carroll Shelby International in 2015. This inspired the limited edition Shelby Cobra" models, called after the classic sports car, in its Clifton collections and Capeland collections.

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