Bell and Ross

“Swiss Made” – the epitome of excellence all over the world. The Swiss are the pioneers of horology and they continue to stand out to this day. Bell & Ross wasn`t one of the pioneers but despite being a newbie watchmaking company which started when watchmaking didn`t seem to have a future anymore, young Bell & Ross was determined to prove to the world that they are doers!


Bell & Ross committed themselves to an entire mission: designing, and producing exclusive, unparalleled watches for specific professionals. Bell and Ross`s merging with the expertise of Sinn didn’t go unnoticed. By preserving the Swiss watchmaking tradition, Bell & Ross has successfully produced iconic time-keeping devices whose performance is neither unmatched or beatable.

Bell & Ross is well known for its four fundamental principles, water resistance, readability, functionality and last but not least the highest possible accuracy of their watches. Bell & Ross` highest accuracy is what sets their watches apart, making them highly trustworthy and reliable to fit the requirements of even the most stringent military specifications. During production Bell & Ross watches are inspected at every stage. Bell & Ross was committed to excellence, always aiming for greater heights.


What started as a mere university project in the early 1990s between two boyhood friends, Carlos A. Rosillo (Ross) and Bruno Belamich (Bell) is today`s one of the highly sought after haute horlogerie by watch collectors and connoisseurs. The humble history of Bell and Ross traces back to a small picturesque town, Chaux de Fonds where the business started with little workshops which spread to other cities and eventually to other countries worldwide.

The two friends shared the same vision of producing highly functional but durable watches targeting professionals. In order to be successful, the two young French lads teamed up with experienced German Helmut Sinn of Sinn watches and this was enough for them to rock the watch industry. Bell and Ross is one of the newbies in the watchmaking industry with a short history dating from the year 1992.

Initially, Sinn only specialized in manufacturing aircraft navigation instruments. Bell and Ross`s partnership lasted 9 years. Although most of the timepieces produced during the partnership were mostly rebranded and virtual re-issues of Sinn models like Space 1 and the 103 that bore the Bell & Ross logo, these timepieces still give watch collectors goosebumps.

The partnership ended in when Bell & Ross ended their partnership with Sinn in 2002 when they started their own independent manufacturing in its facilities La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland.

One of the company`s groundbreaking and prodigious timepieces was the Bell & Ross Bomb Disposal Type. As the name says it, the watch was meant for diffusing bombs. The antimagnetic watch and ultra-legible watch and was mostly used by the bomb squad members of the French Security Services and with the intention of giving bomb squad members one less thing to worry about. The Bell and Rose Bomb disposal type despite its function not being applicable to the majority consumer base actually turned out to be one of the bestselling and most sought-after timepieces.

Following the Bomb disposal type, was the truly incredible 1997 Hydro challenger. The watch targeting divers featured a mineral filled case and was one of the most functional watches ever made setting a record of 11, 000metre rating under water. contains hydraulic fluid within the case to counteract the effects of external pressures. To the untrained eyes, mostly this watch was underrated because of its simple and basic three-hand quartz watch appearance.

Among Bell & Ross high-end watches was also the BR Instrument which has been designed to imitate the shape of a cockpit (this an instrument found in an aircraft in the cabin). The second version, the BR02 range caters for diving professionals through the use of cases water resistant to withstand over 1000 meters of pressure and high contrast and legible dials. Not to forget the Hydromax, which contains hydraulic fluid within the case in order to counteract the effects of external pressures.

Today Bell & Ross is an iconic brand that has been adopted by many elite individuals. The firm is one of the very few qualified companies which supply many armed forces, space missions and special units, including the French Air Force (2008), the Spacelab mission (1994), French RAID and GIGN special units (2005 and 2011 respectively) and the minesweeping division of France's civil security agency (1997). Inspired by its military and aviation history, still wants to preserve their tradition and bring classic and professional Bell & Ross watches with a new and unique design. Recently the company is beginning to show some interest the car business. Bell & Ross unveiled its AeroGT car at the 2016 Baselworld timepiece exhibition held in Switzerland.

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