Did you know that there is a watch brand four centuries old? Wouldn`t you be proud to wear such a watch with a rich heritage and history preserved over the four- hundred years right on your wrist? I guess most of us can`t even wait!

Well if a rich history and heritage make you interested, then Blancpain is the best watch for you. Blancpain is the oldest watch brand sharing its humble beginnings with the small picturesque village of Villeret Switzerland in 1735, better known today as Bernese Jura.


The 1970s were a hard time for the watchmaking community and a lot of watch manufacturers either shut down or had to merge with one another to survive the crisis. This was called the quartz crisis. The introduction of quartz watches brought a revolution in watch manufacturing community. Blancpain had to choose, either to follow the bandwagon and start manufacturing quartz watches or to preserve their heritage and philosophy in sophisticated mechanical designs.

Blancpain chose the latter. To this day has never made even a single quartz watch and is determined never to in the upcoming future. One cool thing about Blancpain is that they don`t follow the mob. Unlike other high end and highly sought after watch manufacturers who are constantly trying to meet the demand of their customer base, Blancpain does not even bother. The company produces very few watches per year compared to its counterparts.


In the early 18th century, watchmaking was just beginning and no one thought of making a business out of it except one man, Jehan-Jacques Blancpain. In the year 1735, Blancpain registered his first workshop as an official property of the municipality of Villeret which he set on the upper floor of his own house. This is where it all started.

For a while, the Blancpain brand continued as a family business. Blancpain timepieces enjoyed great success from the earliest years passing from one generation to the next. Jehan-Jacques Blancpain made sure to preserve their great grandfather`s expertise and philosophy. One of the family business`s prominent leaders was Frédéric-Louis Blancpain. Frédéric-Louis scaled the business from the traditional craft workshop into an industrial scale capable of serial productions through the use of modern methods of production. He introduced the innovative cylinder escapement which was far much better than the traditional crown-wheel mechanism. This was a major stride in terms of innovation at the time in the watchmaking world.

Due to industrialization, in the late 19th century, the prices of watches were drastically falling and many workshops were at the brink of closure. In order to keep up with the American competition, in 1865 Frédéric-Louis Blancpain built a double story factory by the River Suze. This was an economic move because the factory could generate the electricity needed for its production house processes. Frédéric-Louis also implemented the use of efficient modern methods and concentrated on products highly on demand. Thus Blancpain became one of the few watchmaking firms that survived in Villeret.

In the early 20th century, in 1926 Blancpain merged with John Harwood and together they started to market the first automatic wristwatch. Fast forward to 1930, Blancpain wanted to do something different so they modified the system to watches of small sizes. They launched the first ladies` automatic watch, rectangular “Rolls” by Léon Hatot.

One of Blancpain`s greatest achievements came in 1953 when the company launched the Fifty Fathoms. It was a diving watch, water resistant to 200m. This was highly impressive at the time and it gained a lot of attention such that Jacques Cousteau (a famous actor at the time) wore one while making his Palm d’Or-winning film La Monde su silence (“The Silent World”). The watch became a favorite and must get among professional divers. Later on the watch was adopted by the US Navy. Today the Fifty Fathoms` modern incarnations are still popular among sea dwellers and are advanced, they can be taken down to depths over 1000mThe Fifty Fathoms is still one of Blancpain`s most sought after haute horlogerie by watch collectors.

Another prodigious success of Blancpain was in 1989 when they introduced one of the most complicated watches ever made, the Blancpain 1735. The watch featured a flyback chronograph, tourbillon, minute repetition, perpetual date, and a moon phase calendar. This sophisticated timepiece would take an expert and experienced master watchmaker a whole year to produce a piece with so many complications.

Blancpain only commits to produce one per year. This means that there is only one fortunate person once a year. To the unfortunate ones who would miss the annual 1735, Blancpain currently has five co-collections: the classic Villeret, the refined LeBrassus, the elegant Léman, the avant-garde L-Evolution, Women and the aforementioned diver’s best friend, Fifty Fathoms. Each of all these sophisticated collections boasts of a variety of complications, designs, features but all have the same high quality, unencumbered innovation, and sheer beauty.

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