Chopard started from zero to hero. Today the company celebrates over 150 years of success in haute horlogerie with its exquisite designs, renowned precision and stays loyal to its values and traditions. Over the years, Chopard has contributed a lot to the watch community with its various patented inventions. Today, Chopard is one of the most respected names in both watchmaking and jewelry and one of the favorites among connoisseurs and watch collectors. Philosophy Chopard adheres to tradition. The hallmarks of the brand didn`t see much changes over the years. The company is still built on fine craftsmanship, innovative technological advancements and the constant quest for perfection. After its customers, the company values its employees so much and highly invests in training its artisans. Thus the Chopard has constant workshops where its employees are kept saturated and up to date with multiple specialized skills. History Louis-Ulysse Chopard, was just one of the many local watchmakers in Sonvilier, a small farming town near Bern, Switzerland. Louis-Ulyssee was born in 1836 on the fourth of May. Watchmaking seemed to have a future at the time and his father persuaded him to go into watchmaking at an early age. By his 24th birthday, Louis-Ulyssee opened his own company, Chopard which he initially named L.U.C watch manufactory after his initials. L.U.C mainly specialized in innovative with intricate and aesthetic decorations. Louis-Ulysse Chopard watches gained a lot of popularity within a short period. With the enormous praise and popularity, Chopard managed to even get the attention of royalties such as the Tsar of Russia, Czar Nicolas II. Louis-Ulyssee died in 1915 leaving the company into the hands of his son Paul-Louis and grandson Paul-Andre. The two continued producing jewelled ladies’ wristwatches elegant pocket chronometers. By adopting Art Deco, the latest fashion of the 1920s Chopard became the people`s favorite. The business was flourishing and in 1937 the company was shifted to Geneva, Switzerland the heart of haute horlogerie. Everything was good until the second world war. Chopard wasn`t an exception in the staggering and struggling post World War II European companies. Paul-André was a gifted and incredible watchmaker but unfortunately, it wasn`t the same business wise. Facing the hard times in the 1960s he decided to sell his grandfather`s business and he was ready to meet some potential purchasers. Karl Scheufele III an heir of the famous Germany Eszeha watch and exquisite jewellery company which was on the quest of conquering international watch territories. Karl Scheufele III was the grandson of Karl Scheufele 1, the founder of Eszeha (the is a pronunciation of his surname`s first three letters as pronounced in German). Karl Scheufele 1 had a humble background, he lost his parents at a very young age and in his teens, he learned the art of watchmaking in an orphanage. He was well known for revolutionizing the way pocket watches were designed and used, allowing the owner to wear them as a bracelet and a necklace. With such a rich history in watchmaking, Paul-Andre finally made a deal with Karl Scheufele III. Paul-Andre also didn`t have any children that he could hand the business over to so selling it seemed like the best option. Karl Scheufele III was determined to get Chopard as an honour to fulfil one of his grandfather`s wishes. Under the new administration, Chopard skyrocketed, becoming a leading worldwide watch and jewellery brand through the combination of its two rich heritages the principles of its founder L.U Chpard and the creations of Karl Scheufele III. Deriving its inspiration from both Art Nouveau and Art Deco, in 1972 the company launched the Chopard look. Just to mention a few of its memorable looks, In the 1990s, Karl Scheufele III’s children were ready to join the family business. They eventually got their favourite positions in which their presence did not go unnoticed. Caroline Gruosi-Scheufele took the role as the artistic manager of the Haute Joaillerie sector. Her first design was a hit, it was called Happy Diamonds Clown. Her brother Karl Friedrich Scheufele took the role of watchmaking and also supervised production of yet more incredibly aesthetic timepieces by combining his two true passions, cars and watchmaking. In 1997, Chopard launched the world`s most expensive watch of that time, the Chopardissimo. By 1996, Chopard established its own complete and inhouse watch movement manufacturing facility in Neuchâtel`s Fleurier, the Swiss Canton. Before this, Chopard relied on assembling movements from third-party sources. 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