Chronoswiss is an independent German brand with a short but unusual success story. The company was born at the hit of the quartz crisis but still managed to earn a prestigious reputation and become the favourite among connoisseurs and collectors. It wasn`t easy for any mechanical watchmaking company in the 1980s but Gerd-Rüdiger Lang was determined to go against the odds.

The brand continues to develop in the 21st century and catch up with the times but Chronoswiss still keeps things simple, being true to its principles of haute horlogerie, only mechanical watches, Swiss made, no compromises!


Chronoswiss is a representation of a pure fascination on mechanical watches because of its founder Gerd-Rüdiger Lang who is a gifted passionate mechanics enthusiast and watchmaker. These attributes can be evidenced in Chronoswiss collections which are a blend of historical attributes with state-of-the-art technology.

Chronoswiss is not on a quest of gaining more popularity like other watchmakers, in fact, Chronoswiss is made for a selected few elites who are on a constant search for innovation but with uncompromised designs. At the same time, this doesn’t bring down the value of Chronoswiss timepieces because a significant number of connoisseurs and collectors highly regard them.

Due to their scarcity and low consumer base, Chronoswiss watches don`t go cheap. You can expect to spend at least 7000 dollars for their entry level watches. Chronoswiss might not be as popular as Rolex but whatever model you get will spread some confusion among those Rolex owners who think they know it all.


When it comes to the famous haute horlogerie, it is always some ancient companies dating back to at least a century ago. Surprising the high end prestigious and expensive Chronoswiss is not even close to half a century old. Chronoswiss is a young company which only dates back to 1983.

The 1980s were a hard time for the watchmaking community. Everyone was giving up on haute horlogerie. Companies were at the brink of closure and some of them had to sell or merge with others in order to stand up on their feet. Workers were losing their jobs as the companies had to reduce their workload due to the decrease in demand. No one could even dare to think of getting in the watchmaking industry, let alone mechanical watches when the quartz crisis was at its peak.

Nonetheless, Gerd-Rüdiger Lang saw a bright path in that darkness. Lang had a humble background, initially, he was just repairing watches in his basement. Eventually, he grew his skill and started making custom watches for his well-funded customers. This part of the business became a success and finally in 1982 Lang launched the very first Chronoswiss watch. Their very first Chronoswiss watch was an innovation in its making featuring an exhibition case back. Today exhibition case backs are now common, Lang felt that the movement deserved to be shown off too. This was before they finally launched the brand the following year in Munich.

Perhaps you are wondering why Chronoswiss, a German brand is named Chronoswiss. The Swiss part is quite obvious (the prestigious Swiss reputation) and the chrono part is pretty obvious too. Gerd-Rüdiger Lang has a special affinity for chronographs. If a survey was to be carried out on a thousand of his pieces, almost all of them would be found to be chronographs. Lang also had once worked at Heuer specializing in chromos so his love for chronographs isn`t so much surprising.

Despite chronographs being the name of the game, Lang also contributed to the watch industry as the company was growing. One of his prodigious and groundbreaking timepieces was the sophisticated first skeletonized chronograph (Opus) which featured a tourbillon or a quarter repeater (Repetition à quarts). In 1987, the company launched the first ever wristwatch which had a regulator style dial, the Régulateur. The Régulateur turned into an iconic model and remains a vital part of their collections. The latest Régulateur was released in 2016 with an elaborate dial construction on two levels, it is called the Flying Regulator.

Recently Chronoswiss was acquired by the Swiss entrepreneurs Oliver Ebstein and wife Eva who also took over the management. Now the headquarters are located in Lucerne, Switzerland, which now makes the Swiss part of the name very authentic. The "House of Chronoswiss", is very pleasant to the eye and open to visitors with rose-engine turning (guilloche) and traditional handicrafts such as high-fire enamelling.

Chronoswiss has grown over the years and has also had a lot of changes especially prior to its sale in 2012. The new Swiss couple who took over from the Lang family is doing their best. Production still continues in the German factory although the headquarters relocated to Switzerland.

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