Concord had its fair share of ups and downs. Unlike the majority of watchmakers, Concord is not tied up to its roots, it is always on a constant quest to do something new. Currently, the company launched an avant-garde vision of watch construction, this can be evidenced in their latest watches which are the only ones of their kind on the market.

Concord has always moved with the times and takes advantage of the hard times. Just to mention a few, Concord had massive sales during the quartz crisis, Concord acquired Ebel when it was staggering financially and currently Concord is taking advantage of technology to make timepieces which have never been seen before. The company is reconstructing time, clearly placing its extraordinary creations in the 21st century.


From the beginning, Concord was made to be perfect. Concord was created by five visionary Swiss entrepreneurs who joined hands determined to make high-end quality watches targeting the American audience. The five partners were Charles Bonny and Walter Hugenin (these two were among the most gifted watchmakers of their time) and the other three partners Messieurs Boillat, Droz and Konz were also needed for their business input.In 1925, the company started providing other companies like Tiffany & Co., Van Cleef & Arpels and Cartier (jeweller) with high quality watches made from precious gems and metals. By the 1940s, Concord began to gain the attention of heads of states. In 1942, during the World War II peace talks, President Truman gifted two Concord watches to Churchill and Stalin. This was a major leap for Concord as it solidified its position as a leading luxury watch brand.

The 1970s were trying times. Most businesses were at the brink of closure. Concord was sold to the North American Watch Company. Initially, the company was struggling until the quartz crisis when it took advantage of the situation. Unlike other companies who refused to transition into the quartz luxury watchmaking, Concord transitioned and it got a large market share. By the 1980s, Concord was one of the most prestigious and most sought-after watch on the American luxury watch market.

Whilst the majority of its fellow Swiss companies were in a financial crisis, Concord was having the best moment of its time with massive sales throughout their American luxury watch stores. Due to their high demand and recognition, Concord raised their prices and began to develop some of the most expensive quartz watches in history. Concord had the blues. One of their most expensive timepieces was the 18K Concord Centurion quartz watch which was advertised in December 1982 in the New York Magazine selling for $7950 (this was a huge sum at the time).

In the early 1980s Concord, under the North American Watch Company spent over $14 million annually on advertising which was the largest budget any Swiss watch company had committed to. Their aim was to attract celebrity endorsements from Joe Montana, Jimmy Connors, and Martha Graham, Tom Landry and Bjorn Borg in such expensive publications like the Texas Monthly New York Magazine, Architectural Digest, Town and Country and Business Week while appearing on TV shows such as Charlie's Angels, Miami Vice, Dynasty and Hill Street and The Love Boat.

Things took a different turn in the 1990s for Concord, the watches began to fade as the quartz crisis came to a halt. Probably the other cause might be that the North American company changed its strategy from focusing on making luxury watches just to a select few to also focusing on mid to high range watches which the middle-class Americans could afford. As a result, Concord was no longer scarce and desirable as before.

In 1996, the North American Watch Company rebranded as Movado which was a major strain on Concord. Concord was robbed of its exclusive luxury watch branding. To add on to the turmoil, Movado purchased financially staggering Ebel in 2004and shunned Concord in favour of the new baby acquisition.

By 2007 the business was still staggering so the company made a drastic change in their vision by closing most of its dealerships which had sluggish sales and lacked a specific market. This was hurting the company`s reputation. In 2008, the company began to get back on its feet, they launched two new C1 pieces, that is the C1 Gravity Tourbillion and the C1 world timer. The C1 Gravity Tourbillion won the most prestigious “Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Geneve” as “Best design of the year 2008”. Concord`s future is still not definite but as of now, it can be considered to be a success.

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