Eberhard & Co

Eberhard & Co is one of the many young and aspiring companies in the picturesque town of La Chaux-de-Fonds in the late 19th century that managed to make it to this day. Eberhard & Co`s history has been ticking since 1887, the year of its establishment by its founder Georges-Lucien Eberhard. Over the 131 years in haute horlogerie, Eberhard stands out grounded on tradition, research, and innovation.

Over the years the company has made a number of contributions to the watch industry which is evidenced in its numerous patents. This has allowed Eberhard to consolidate a reputable position among the aristocracy of luxury Swiss haute horlogerie. The innovative spirit has not left Eberhard & Co ever since, its creations spanned the entire twentieth century with their high technical content which has marked significant stages of development, specifically the chronograph, just to mention a few.


It all began in 1894 with the creation of a pocket watch which had an innovative patented setting system. In 1905 they came up with an upgrade, a special watch which had an innovative new and patented way of reading minutes and hours. This was just the beginning, in 1919 Eberhard and Co launched the era`s most advanced single buttoned wrist chronograph. In 1921 Eberhard produced a watch which featured a special patented device to protect the movement from dust and moisture, Calotte Patrouille.

Eberhard was on a constant quest for innovation, they always wanted to do something new. In 1935 they managed to successfully make a watch with two buttons for stop and restart without resetting. This was an unprecedented move. Four years later, in 1939 Eberhard and Co made the famous «rattrapante», split-seconds chronograph, which was followed the upcoming year by the Extra-fort chronograph. 1942 saw the appearance of a split-seconds chronograph called the «Magini System», which during World War II was one of the protagonists of the Italian-Japanese raid, flying from Rome to Tokyo and back. The 50s saw Eberhard diving! It was in this era that the Scafograf diving collection was launched. It is 300 model was re-launched in 2016 and was a great success winning several awards like the Sports Watch Award from the prestigious Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève.

The 50s were great, but the sixties were better. In the sixties, the Contograf became an emblem of its time, credit can be given to its innovative features, in the true style of a Maison who is always ahead of the game. The list of achievements goes on and on, collectors and enthusiasts of Eberhard would be delighted to complete the list by reciting their most fascinating new mechanisms and totally unique and new shapes, all of them in some way having trailing a path in the history books.

From the very beginning, Eberhard and Co has been flourishing, it caught the attention of connoisseurs, the sports world and military specialists among many other great personalities in their historical and record-setting endeavours. Since the early 20th century Eberhard has been worn by officers of the Italian Royal Navy. The famous Frecce Tricolori Chronomaster has always accompanied the flights of worldwide well-known aerobatic teams since 1984.

It would not be fair to mention Eberhard`s sports achievements without mentioning the collection dedicated to Tazio Nuvolari the legendary motor racing champion who always was ever seen with his Eberhard pocket watch in all his victories.

Ever since 1996 Eberhard & Co shifted its focus to luxury king size wristwatches. In 1997 they launched the 8 days model, a manual winding mechanical watch which only needed to be wound once a week. Thanks to a special patented winding device. By the turn of the new millennium, Eberhard and company launched the prodigious Chrono 4. Since the beginning of haute horlogerie, the Chrono 4 was the first chronograph whose counters are found arranged in a row. Never before had the small seconds, minutes, 24 hours and hours been arranged horizontally in linear progression and neither before had the time proved to be that naturally remarkable.

Recently on its 130th anniversary of uninterrupted watch production, Eberhard and Co chose the Chrono 4 as an emblematic model. The model embodies the essence of the maison, validating its natural propensity for growth and evolution, its ability to reinvent the wheel at the same time preserving its tradition and personality. Along with the new Chrono 4 Eberhard & Co published "The Art of Defying Time" specifically for the occasion.

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