Girard-Perregauxis one of the oldest and authentic watch brands with over two centuries in haute horlogerie innovations. Girard-Perregaux`s adherence to its vocation as a manufactory has allowed it to be one of the few Swiss watch companies to date to manufacture and conceive its own in-house movements. This is the brand`s surest way to cultivate the incredible "savoir-faire" which has made Girard-Perregaux one of the most esthetic and highly sought after watch brands by watch collectors and connoisseurs.


Over the years, Girard-Perregaux has built a reputation of infallible success and it has the constant challenge to achieve an even higher level of quality and reliability. Girard-Perregaux`s history is marked by legendary watches that blend innovative technology and sharp design, just to mention a few, the prodigious Tourbillon which features three gold Bridges or Constant Escapement L.M. The brand is a loyal devotee to the creation of innovative haute horlogerie, uniting all the skills of manufacturing and design under one roof. Since its inception, Girard Perregaux boast of over 80 registered patents but the game is still not over yet! Currently as part of the Kering group, Girard Perregaux despite being an agent of change and innovation, it still adheres to the stringent criteria of Swiss Haute Horlogerie.


The history of the legendary brand Girard Perregaux can be traced back to the late 18th century in 1791 when its founder Jean-François Bautte signed his first watches. Jean- François was a talented and well-known goldsmith and watchmaker. He was the first person to start a company in Geneva grouping which had all the facets of watchmaking, from the engineering of the watch, all the way to the final hand’s assembly, not forgetting the polishing of each watch.

J. F. Bautte soon gained a lot of popularity for his first timepieces and soon built up a reputation for his ultrathin watches. J.F. Bautte`s establishment of a factory in Geneva where he housed all his watchmaking crafts under a single roof was indeed a strategic and innovative move which exponentially grew his business. By 1837, the business was extremely valuable and still flourishing when he left it into the hands of Jacques Bautte and Jean Samuel Rossel.

Perhaps you are wondering how the name Girard-Perregaux becomes the official name of the brand. The watchmaker Constant Girard founded the Girard & Cie Firm in 1852 in the famous and picturesque watchmaking town of La Chaux-de-Fonds. Constant Girard married Marie Perregaux and in honor of his wife, he changed the company name to Girard-Perregaux Manufacture in 1856.

The new joint business was a success, by the year 1867 Constant Girard came up with a prodigious Tourbillon which featured three Gold Bridges. This was a result of his constant passion and hard work into the use and functionality of gold watch movements. His masterpiece Tourbillon earned him a gold medal at the Universal exhibitions of Paris in 1867 and 1889. Sadly, it was later declared ineligible in 1901 due to its failure to be equaled.

In 1880, Constant Girard came up with the concept of wrist watches, which was extremely innovative at the time. His fame reached the Emperor Wilhelm I of Germany who ordered two thousand for his naval officers. This was the first largest scale production of wristwatches in history, nonetheless, the idea was abandoned after being considered outlandish. Despite these achievements, Girard Perregaux wasn`t that famous until the early twentieth century when industrialization began.

By the year 1906, Constant Girard-Gallet took over the administration of the Manufacturer from his father, Girard took over the Bautte House merging it into the co-existing Girard-Perregaux & Cie. The early 20th century saw Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin using a GIRARD-PERREGAUX watch for timing the aeronautical trials of his airships. This earned the brand some considerable fame.

Although the business was doing well, in 1928, Otto Graef the German owner of MIMO (an International Maker of Gold Watches) bought out GIRARD-PERREGAUX's share capital. People began to transition from pocket watches to wrist watches. In 1930, for the first time ever the sales of pocket watches were exceeded by Girard`s wristwatches which were an undeniable truth that Constant Girard was ahead of the game when he first developed the wristwatch in 1880. The 1940s were the years of the World War and hard for most companies but Girard Perregaux was barely affected by the war. They continued production mostly concentrating on MIMO for the European markets but they also produced for the Americans.

In order to meet the international standards as a renowned company, Girrard Perregaux started constructing a Manufactory head office at 1 Girardet Place in their root city of La Chaux-de-Fonds. The building is still the Manufactory head office to this day after its restoration in 1988

The 1950s saw Girard Perregaux as one of La Chaux-de-Fonds`s flagship companies with a presence on all international markets. The company decided to expand its empire to Asia. One of their ground breaking inventions was in 1966 when they unveiled the first high frequency mechanical movement with a balance making 36.000 vibrations per hour. In 1969, the factory designed another incredible quartz movement with a frequency of 32.768 hertz. This watch became the universally accepted standard for all watches with quartz all over the world including Asia. This standard frequency was a veritable technical breakthrough and a major contribution to the watch word.

Since then, the brand has continued its quest of innovation and continues to reinforce its position in the aristocracy of the most prestigious mechanical watches. Now Girard-Perregaux is a subsidiary of the Kerring group and is still a favorite among collectors and watch aficionados.

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