The story behind Graham watches begins 24 years ago when two ambitious young men born and raised in the haute horlogerie capital of La Chaux-de-Fonds team up on an expedition to get their own prestigious watch brand. Initially, they wanted Swiss names but they couldn`t afford one. They had the alternative to buy the affordable French names but they didn`t like them. These two aspiring young men were Eric Loth (the current CEO of Graham) and Pierre-André Finazzi (currently the owner of John Ellicott).

Hopeless, they decided to check out the British watch names so they took a horological field trip to England. As they were digging into the history books, the two Swiss buddies were shocked to discover that the first mechanical watch was actually an English invention. Finally, they had found what they were looking for and their trip wasn`t in vain. They managed to acquire the rights of some of England`s most acclaimed watchmakers, although to date some of them are now obscure. Loth and Finazzi finally launched their company in 1995 calling it the British Masters and choosing La Chaux-de-Fonds as their company`s headquarters. For some unknown reasons, the two separated though, with Finnazi starting his own British master inspired firm named after renown English watchmaker John Ellicott called Ellicott SA.

On the other hand, Loth`s two British Masters brands, Graham and Arnold were an incredible success although Graham became more famous than the later. Graham was named after the famous talented watchmaker George Graham. George was an outstanding watchmaker whose illustrious and fine timepieces could be related to nothing else but the flawless character of their maker. According to David Landes a Harvard history, George Graham was the man responsible for England’s horological preeminence during the first half of the 18th century.”


Graham haute horlogerie is an independent watch company based in the watchmaking capital La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland and a blend of the rich English historical heritage and the Swiss culture. The brand has got first-rate Swiss movements which are custom made and engineered specifically and solely for Graham watches. Regardless of technological advancements, Graham is still loyal to its roots, all Graham watches are exclusively chronographs. This is in honor of George Graham who is considered as the father of the chronograph. Graham mostly specializes in racing-inspired watches. George Graham`s early history

George Graham, born in 1673 to a Quaker family had a humble background and started his business from scratch. After his father`s death at an early age, George had to be raised by his older brother who helped him to get into a seven-year apprenticeship to a London clockmaker, Henry Aske when he was 15. George was an honest young man and though just an aspiring apprentice, his work caught the attention of some watch masters of all time like Thomas Tompion.

After seeing George Graham`s gift, Thomas Tompion invited George to join him after the ending of his indenture in 1695. Thomas Tompion is still considered the father of British watchmaking. Initially, George joined Tompion as a journeyman for two years which was a prerequisite set up by the Clockmakers’ Company. Later on, George Graham became Tompion`s protégé and even strengthened their bond by marrying Tompion`s niece.

Tompion died in 1713 leaving behind a legacy of his numerous contributions to the watch community, the Encyclopedia Britannica calls him “the man to whom watchmaking owes perhaps most”. As a result of his prominence, Tompion was honored by a burial at the Westminster Abbey. He left a will and it stated that his business and properties were going to be taken over by George Graham and his wife.

Apart from Mr. Tompion`s business, George also inherited his mantle as Britain`s top watchmaker. This can be evidenced by Graham`s prodigious invention of the dead-beat escapement just two years after Tompion`s death. The deadbeat escapement became the standard for the next 150 years, it eliminated recoil, thus it produced an unprecedented degree of accuracy in clocks and watches. Graham also perfected the cylinder escapement invented by Tompion. According to the book “The Chronograph”, Graham is referred to as “the father of the chronograph” because he was the first to construct a horological mechanism – it was for a clock – capable of measuring the duration of an event.

George Graham is still considered one of the most was an active member of the brilliant mechanism and manufacturer of scientific instruments. He was an active member of the British Royal Society. Among his groundbreaking inventions was also the mercury pendulum, this device was used for eliminating the negative effects of weather on clocks. He also made astronomical instruments for Edmond Halley and James Bradley.

Graham was one of the few and rare highly gifted watchmakers who never cared about the spread of his fame or accumulation of wealth but only cared about the advancement of science and the benefit of mankind. He was a humble and generous man. At his death, he was also honored by a burial at the Westminster Abbey right beside his mentor Tompion. Burial in Westminister is not an honor easily won by any middle-class individual and these two are a testimony of how they were highly esteemed.

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Mechanical watches

Mechanical watches are the pride of haute horlogerie. They have a rich history and they just feel elegant and powerful because they are self-dependent. Over the years mechanical watches have constantly evolved and they have almost been overthrown by the quartz but they still stand their ground especially in the luxurious watches sector.

Since they do not have a battery, mechanical watches depend upon the winding. There are many different forms of mechanical watches. Two main types are the automatic or self-winding mechanical and the manual winding mechanical watches.

On manual mechanical watches, the user has to manually wind the watch so that it can work for a number of hours, days or even months sometimes. Nowadays, manual watches are rarely used since most people don`t like a watch that they`ll have to wind once in a while to keep it working when they can just buy a battery powered quartz which will last many months or even years.

Most people would rather go for automatic or self-winding watches. These are innovative and upgraded versions of the regular watch. They are also not powered by a battery but are powered by the movements of the user. Wrist and arm movement are enough to keep the watch going. The mechanical watch features a central weight which has a rotor that self-winds when the user moves their wrist.