Today Hamilton is well known for its incredible creativity expressed in its unique watches that are a blend of both the American and the Swiss haute horlogerie. Since its inception, Hamilton is one of the very few watch high end quality brands that is rooted and committed to the American tradition. At one point Hamilton was the biggest and most prestigious American Chronometer producers.


Currently, Hamilton is still one of the World`s best and well known for its innovative designs. The company still upholds the pioneering spirit which has allowed it over the years to be a key player in the watch community introducing new technologies. To date, Hamilton manufactures its own personalized movements which are made and integrated exclusively for Hamilton watches. Hamilton boasts of a strong aviation heritage, being the official timekeeper of several highly important events and last but not least an appearance in over 450 films.


The history of Hamilton Watch company stretches back to the late 19th century in the year 1886. Hamilton succeeded three watch manufacturing companies at the same location in Lancaster. It all started when Abram Bitner bought the Lancaster Pennsylvania Watch Company factory and formed the Keystone Standard Watch Company.

The Keystone standard watch company was well known for its groundbreaking invention of the 18-size, 3/4-plate movement, that used a small acrylic "window" to cover the only opening in the plate of the movement which made the watch dust proof. All these properties of the watch were patented including the featuring 15 jewels. Due to its high accuracy, this watch was mostly used on railroads. The Keystone watch company was struggling financially and it didn`t last that long. It was auctioned at a Sheriffs sale to a group of businessmen in Pennsylvanian. Despite having newly experienced businessman as its new owners the Keystone company still went bankrupt in 1892.

It was then that the company was merged with the Aurora Watch Company of Illinois and was given the name The Hamilton Watch Company. This was in honor of James Hamilton, the former mayor of Pennsylvania in 1745 and also a very important historical figure who had been commissioned several times by the Penn family to operate as lieutenant-governor during the period between 1754 and 1773 and last but not least served as an elected member of the Provincial Assembly. He is often credited to be the founder of the city of Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

From the start, the Hamilton watch company`s top goal was to manufacture high-end quality watches. At first, they didn`t have enough resources to meet their other fellow American watch giants of that era (Elgin and Waltman) who had been in the business for decades. They figured out that the only way they could survive the competition was to find a niche they could focus on, so they cornered on the railway market. Their very first model in 1893 did just that, it was called the Broadway and still a size 18 but with 17 jewels.

Due to its reputation as "The watch of Railroad accuracy", Broadway soon earned itself the honor to become the official timepiece of all U.S. Expeditionary Forces at the turning of the 20th century. Due to over 50 variations of time used on railroads at the time, rail accidents were very popular. Hamilton`s watches met a very crucial need to the railroad community and it was Hamilton`s Railroad watches series that accounted for the company`s overall sales during the late 19th century and at the turn of the 20th century.

All was well with Hamilton until the onset of the second world war when the company had to stop production of watches to the majority public but had to concentrate on the large orders placed by the forces which totaled over one million timepieces. Due to such a huge order, the Hamilton marine chronometers of the 1940s was the first to be made by modern and large-scale industrial manufacturing.

Despite the large order, Hamilton did not lose its precision and excellence in the chronometers as they were also vital naval instruments. They were used for the calculation of longitude, and the plotting of location and direction. The US Navy used them in the alternative for radio in finding a position in case radio signals were falsified or intercepted by the enemy. Over the course of the war, Hamilton manufactured 10,902 marine chronometers. Hamilton was the only company able to meet the tough demands of reliability and accuracy and also be able to deliver within a year. The company`s efforts did not go unnoticed, in 1943 Hamilton was awarded the US Army-Navy “E” Award for its excellence in the production of military equipment.

In 1957 Hamilton came up with a prodigious and groundbreaking watch called the Ventura. Hamilton introduced the world’s first electric watch, which was a revolutionary piece in both technology and design. In 1970 they launched the world`s first LED digital watch to read time followed by the PAN EUROP, the first automatic chronographs in 1971. On the 16th of May 1974, Hamilton brand was acquired by the SSIH (the former name of Swatch Group) and to this day it remains a subsidiary of the SSIH group. Nothing much changed after Hamilton`s acquisition, it managed to maintain its reputable position and was featured in a lot of Hollywood movies in the late 20th century.

By the turn of the 21st century Hamilton was doing great as usual and in 2003 the company`s headquarters was shifted to the heart of haute Horlogerie, Bienne Switzerland. Hamilton continues flourishing, featuring in Hollywood`s best movies, aerobatics and is the official timekeeper of EAA AirVenture where for one week each summer, over 500,000 EAA members and aviation enthusiasts from over 60 countries gather together at this event at Wittman Regional Airport in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

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