Harry Winston

The quest of the avant-garde, innovative, alchemy design and knowhow that has been pursued by Harry Winston has revolutionized the world of fine jewelry and haute horlogerie. Since it is established in 1932 in the American capital, New York, Harry Winston stands as one of the most famed and illustrious jewelry and watchmaking brands on the globe. The history of Harry Winston is studded with the most acclaimed jewels in the world, just to mention a few, the Jonker, Taylor-Burton, and the Lesotho diamonds.

Synonymous with the most opulent jewels ever since its birth, Harry Winston has been associated with a large percentage of the world`s most acclaimed gemstones than any other brand or art apart from the British Crown. Mr. Winston was a generous man and popularly known as, “The King of Diamonds”, in 1958 he donated the most illustrious and famed diamond in the world, called the Hope Diamond, to the Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C.


Harry Winston was first and foremost a jeweler before being a watchmaker. The brand presents an unmistakable signature of a rare degree of legitimacy in the field of jewelry designing coupled with nonpareil creativity and uniqueness. By offering both exclusive and accessible contemporary collections, Harry Winston has built itself an untainted and prestigious reputation over the years and is ahead of the game with its promising future free of compromises or limitations. Today Harry Winston is a firm with a well-known legitimacy, acclaimed for both its watchmaking developments and its traditional trade of jewelry.

Formerly built on a sound reputation in jewelry innovation and creativity, the Harry Winston brand in 1989 decided to try haute horlogerie. Ever since its delve into the watch industry, Harry Winston has been known for the most stunning gem-set of timepieces to highly sophisticated timepieces. Harry Winston is on a quest for excellence. 


Harry Winston watches blend high-quality craftsmanship in jewelry with the Swiss watchmaking tradition. The brand`s foray into the haute horlogerie can be traced back to no later than 1989. The brand Harry Winston inc was found earlier in 1932 although it finally gained notoriety in 1943 after successfully loaning diamonds to actresses for the red carpet pre-Academy Award ceremony. Winston`s fame mostly skyrocketed when he donated the storied and acclaimed Hope Diamond to the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of Natural History in 1958.

The first full-fledged watch collection was debuted in 1989 and was named the Harry Winston Premier collection. To date Premiere collection remains is still being released and the earlier versions are highly sought by watch collectors and connoisseurs. The Premiere remains in the Winston timepiece lineup and features a case with three arches at the top made to echo the façade of the Harry Winston Salon on Fifth Avenue. The same year Harry Winston debuted another notable sophistication unanimously made by the watchmakers Roger Dubuis (before he launched his own eponymous brand) and Jean-Marc Wiederrecht.

By the turn of the 21st century, Harry Winston was an established watch brand. Harry Winston celebrated the new millennium with its groundbreaking Opus Series in 2001. They made it a custom to produce a new limited edition watch annually collaborating with expert and famed horologists. In 2004 Harry Winston introduced the first ever timepiece in the world to be crafted in an innovative, zirconium-based alloy called Zalium.

Harry Winston`s foray into haute horlogerie was followed by the opening of a state of the art Manufacture in Geneva, Switzerland, the watchmaking capital of the world in 2007. Harry Winston`s watch division has been growing over the years and still upholds itself to the flawless tradition of its legendary jewelry expertise. With their unmatched fine designs and precision, Harry Winston`s watches exude both legitimacy and luxury amplified through the careful manufacturing processes of sophisticated gem-set timepieces.

One of Harry Winston`s best timepieces was the Bi-retro Perpetual Calendar featuring a debut double-retrograde calendar complication that the brand continued to upgrade and re-release in different forms over the years. The co-inventor of the Bi-retro Perpetual Calendar, Wiederrecht left Harry Winston to form his own watch movement company Agenhor in 1996. Agenhor was a success supplying inventive calibers to MB&F, Hermès, and Van Cleef & Arpels.

In 2009 Wiederrecht returned to Harry Winston and made another prodigious timepiece, the Harry Winston Opus 9 together with watch designer Eric Giroud. The Opus 9 won the prize as the Best Design Watch of the Year at the Grand Prix d`Horlogerie de Geneve. At this point Harry Winston was already operating at its new manufactory in the Geneva neighborhood, Plan-les-Ouates well known for its high concentration of high-end watchmaking companies. This proved Harry Winston`s confidence in haute horlogerie despite its former obsession in jewels. Actually, the Harry Winston`s watchmaking division deserved the trust with its consistent and significant annual expansion.

The acquisition of Harry Winston by the Swatch Group in 2013 for about $1 billion, might not be so welcomed by Harry Winston`s jewelry division but the watchmaking division is surely enjoying the privileges. These include high caliber movements, manufacturing and design expertise, just mentioning a few.

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