Despite being a very late comer in haute horlogerie, Jacob&Co has outshined some ancient brands with its highly innovative and esthetic timepieces. The story of Jacob & Co begins in 1981 when its founder, Jacob Arabo graduated from college and instead of looking for a job, he opened a store in Manhattan’s ‘Diamond District’.

Initially, he created his designs for private orders or a few big jewellery labels. His business was a success and in 1986, Jacob Arabo finally decided to open a company dedicated to haute jewellery which he called "Diamond Quasar,". His company, Diamond Quasar designed jewellery under his own label, named "Jacob & Co”.

Although being a gifted jewellery expert, it took Jacob Arabo quite a while for his label to spread and be valued as it is today. It was R&B singer Faith Evans who first bumped into the new aspiring shop and just fell in love with it. Later on she brought her husband rapper Notorious B.I.G. to the store who was also amazed by the fine and rare aesthetic designs invited other celebrities. The celebrity couple began patronizing the brand, ‘Jacob the Jeweller’ and before long Jacob & Co had a high and constantly increasing circle of top-notch and prominent clients. This increased both its fame and value as the Jacob & Co brand started to create haute jewellery for some of the most famed music artists and media figures in the city.

It was only later in 2002 that Jacob & Co decided to tap into haute horlogerie. Their first timepiece was the Five Time Zone Watch, which they debuted in 2002. The Five Time Zone Watch was an instant success and inspired by the jet-setting hectic schedules of his famous and wealthy clients, Jacob incorporated five distinguished time displays: Paris, New York, Tokyo, LA, and the main home time zone. This was a victorious entry in the highly competitive luxury watches business. In 2004 Jacob & Co had to open another store on 57th Street due to the increasing demand. The new store was also an instant success. In 2006, the brand came up with another prodigious luxury watch with a massive 31-day power reserve, called the Quenttin. The watch features seven barrels, has a vertical tourbillon that can be viewed through a side window. In 2006 Jacob & Co’s ‘The World is Yours’ watch earned the brand the Design Award given by New York City’s Travel + Leisure magazine. ‘The World is Yours’ watches comprise a global map neat up in diamonds and also has incredible the Five Time Zones movement.

Jacob and Co has continued flourishing over the years, in 2007 they released the GMT Watch and in the consecutive years 2011 and 2012 they had Donnie Yen and Milla Jovovich respectively as their brand ambassadors.

2013 Baselworld (The World Watch and Jewellery Show) saw Jacob & Co unveiling the epic SF24 watch capable of showing 24 time zones! The F24 utilizes a ‘split flap’ display for showing the name of each destination. They also released the Ghost Watch, a digital model Swiss luxury watch featuring five windows that can display as many as 20 time zones. Christiano Ronaldo was the brand`s ambassador in 2013.

In 2014. Jacob & Co came up with a ground breaking Astronomia Tourbillon. The extraordinary Astronomia Tourbillon utilized a movement which works as a model for the earth and moon. The triaxial tourbillon features a fiery oscillator at its heart and the three axis represent the sun, while the moon is a diamond. The exclusively 3-D watch is presented in a hemisphere of a sapphire crystal which makes the working movement also visible through the large side windows.

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