Born in December 1935 in Stuttgart Germany, Ferdinand Alexander Porsche is possibly best remembered for the world renowned Porsche 911, the legendary automaker introduced at the 1963 Frankfurt Auto Show as a successor to the largely popular model 356, which despite its rich history had inevitably aged. Though Porsche 911, the brainchild of Porsche himself, was an unparalleled feat in the automobile industry and has a legacy that continues to impress many enthusiasts, the Porsche Design watches have also left an indelible mark in the fiercely contested world of watchmaking.


Existing since 1972, Ferdinand Porsche founded Porsche Design as an avant-garde compliment to the Porsche automobile brands. Very few automobiles inspired brands can rival this model successfully. Porsche Design expanded its reach by successfully acquiring Eterna, a company from Switzerland based in Grenchen. Porsche Design established production hubs in Grenchen as a result. This is where some of its various collections are manufactured. The termination of a working relationship with IWC in 1997, necessitated this development to occur.

Years later, in 2003, the shares of this revolutionary watchmaking company were sold to a subsidiary of Porsche AG. In 2005, an Honorary Chairman of the board for Porsche AG was appointed and it was none other than the founder of Porsche Design himself, Ferdinand Alexander Porsche. He would later retire due to health matters. He sadly passed on in 2012, having left an array of accomplishments that included the magnificent Porsche Design brand.


The inspiration behind this brand was very simple. It simply was to design and develop a timepiece that would seamlessly fit with a model Porsche sports car. Ferdinand Porsche, like other designers, understood that form is a pertinent quality for the product. Like most German designers, he subscribed to the Bauhaus philosophy where the product’s form is intricately associated with its desired functionalities. He subsequently designed and developed a timepiece range that combines the profundity in functionality together with a mesmeric and stunning aesthetic brilliance and scores further distinctions in performance quality.

These sublime timepieces carry a distinctive signature look, with the dials of each timepiece blackened which happens to be analogous to the tachometer designs that were present in the Porsche 911. This ensures maximum visibility of the dials when reading the time.

The first timepiece released is the extensively well-known Chronograph I which featured the signature black dials. Porsche Design first presented the Chronograph I as the first model of theirs to watch-lovers in 1973. This model featured a matte black case carved meticulously in stainless steel. In the succeeding releases of this timepiece, another version consisting of a glass-bead-blasted case. It also came along with a bracelet made of stainless steel was to be introduced. It is pellucid that most modern timepieces lately have either gold or silver surfaces, but the chronograph I has its own lustrous black case, a really beautiful marvel in its own right. The Chronograph I can be read in a number of differently lit environments with spectacular ease owing to the contrasting black dial and white indices.

Initially, Porsche Design joined forces with Orfina a watchmaking brand from Switzerland. However, it did not take too long for Ferdinand to come across a naturally fitting partner in IWC. Both companies shared a similar design in which completion was evident in both. By 1978, distinctively unique watchmaking prowess emerged from the monumental cooperative efforts. One of the most memorable timepieces introduced during this period was the unforgettable Compass Watch. This work of art brings together a movement that occurs with automatic precision and a characteristic compass-like feature. This part fits into the bottom part of the case and can be removed as and when ones wish to do so. The case consists of two elements and these are

An upper part which comprises the dial and,
A lower part comprising the compass

The upper chunk of the covering fits the lower component through a hinge. As such, one can fold it in an upward demeanor. This has the effect of revealing the compass of the timepiece. The original compass timepiece was developed using aluminum. Porsche Design persisted with launching more variants later on.

There was noted watchmaking revolution in 1980 when Porsche Design launched Titan Chronograph. The watch was one of the leading brands that showcased a case and watch bracelet that had been carved carefully using titanium. A particularly striking feature of the design was the astute incorporation of the case that was that complimented the glossy components of the dial. The Ocean 2000, another brand produced by Porsche Design is an incredible tale one that signified triumphant story for Porsche Design. This particular chronometer had been a design initially meant for the German Navy and because it is made up of titanium, it is also water resistant up to a pressure of 200 bar which can be interpreted as a 2000-meter depth. In 2012, Porsche Design released the special versions of the Compass Watch the P6520 and of another for the Titanium Chronograph (P6530) were launched. In 2014, Porsche launched its foremost self-developed watch – the Chronotimer Series 1. Other recent brands released by Porsche Design are the delicately beautiful Porsche Design 1919 Datetimer Series and the Porsche Design Dashboard collections. The brand continues to set high standards of elegance in the watchmaking industry. Why rich people buy Porsche design replica watches from LuxuryClones.

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