Roger Dubuis is unlike any other watchmaking company in the world. It is a pinnacle of excellence in the manufacture and sale of luxury timepieces. Founded in 1980, Roger Dubuis shares its name with that of its founder, a citizen of Switzerland. Since the year 2008, it has been owned by the Richemont Group, which essentially consists of Piaget, IWC, Panerai, Van Cleef and Cartier. Roger Dubuis timepieces have a distinctive moniker, the Poincon de Geneve. Furthermore, these legendary watches have been recognized extensively and have subsequently been accorded many chronometer certifications.

It is important to note that; even though Roger Dubuis was established in 1980, its visionary founder, Mr. Dubuis had started working in the watchmaking industry during the exceptional age of watchmaking by Swiss manufacturers. This was during the later years of the 1950s. He started at a company called Longines and then spent nine years working at Saint-Imier, a manufacturer of timepieces. This company had been for a while, prominent for its watches and their high quality. Mr. Dubuis worked in the repairs and after-sales service division at the company. After moving to Geneva where he found work at Patek Philippe and worked in assembly and watchmaking in the high complications workspace. His time at this company was especially influential in molding Dubuis as a watchmaker. The delicate style, meticulous tact and high-quality standards at Patek Philippe were key determinative elements that shaped his philosophy of watchmaking.

Initially, Roger Dubuis was a small workspace dedicated to the repair of timepieces of various kinds such as watches, clocks that belonged to varied forms of clients. Some were collectors of timepieces; some were auctioneers, while significant portions of the clients were already established watch brands. It was only towards the end of the 1980s decade that Roger Dubuis started working on their first novel design. It was retrograde perpetual calendar module with rearward displays. Together with Jean-Marc Wiederrecht, the founder of Agenhor and a friend of his, Mr. Dubuis commenced work on the design and manufacture of the retrograde perpetual calendar module. The duo of brilliant watchmakers started to labor on the device in the mid-1980s and completed it in time for Harry Winston, a New York jeweler to unveil the watch, now named the Bi-Retro Perpetual Calendar wristwatch at Baselworld 1989.

In the 1990s, Mr. Dubuis, a meek and restrained timepiece manufacturer came across one Carlos Diaz, who would in the future, become the bombastic backer and driving force behind the Roger Dubuis watchmaking brand. As a single unit, they put in place the Société Genevoise des Montres (SOGEM) in the year 1995, a memorable chapter in the history of the illustrious brand.

By the beginning of the 21st century, Roger Dubuis had grown to become one of the most sought-after watch brands on the luxury timepieces market. It had amalgamated various technical and aesthetic aspects of some of the most revolutionary timepiece brands that had existed before its time. Roger Dubuis managed to successfully integrate this vintage feel with an original and innovative style thereby creating a design that rivaled some of the leading brands on the market. Operating in the spacious city of Geneva, Roger Dubuis was able to produce a staggering 25 000 timepieces each year from their factors. This was during the years that preceded the 2008 recession. The company generated an impressive SFr 100m of revenue and sales were observed to have incredibly doubled than in some of the previous years.

The watches initially produced by Roger Dubuis were hailed by collectors because they embodied the historically brilliant watchmaking style that had been prominent in Geneva for a while now and exemplified the beauty of Patek Philippe while also possessing a finer artistic aptitude. The watches were both genuinely gorgeous and stimulating to the senses. The goal of Roger Dubuis was to produce sophisticated and immensely intricate watches in a manner that resembled the supreme Geneva style, which incidentally implied a substantial measure of influence from Patek Philippe. At the commencement, of original designing, Roger Dubuis watches were made in two distinct classes: Sympathie and Hommage. The Symphathie style was fashioned like a “cushion with sharpened corners”. It was so incredibly unique that it later became the preeminent style of the brand.

In 2004, Roger Dubuis was flying high on a cloud of success, a feat that enabled Mr Dias to garner a spot in the yearly rankings of the wealthiest Swiss people as published by Swiss business magazine Bilanz. The Roger Dubuis was now a symbol of success and excellence. Dubuis had left the company and Diaz was the visionary behind the company. With his influence the watches became larger and glitzier with some particular brands being named Much More, Too Much and Follow Me. Other brands produced by Roger Dubuis are the Roger Dubuis Hommage H40 chronograph.

At the SIHH 2018, made an announcement of partnerships with two Italian automotive companies; Pirelli, the well-known manufacturer of racing car tires and Lamborghini, the legendary sports-car manufacturer and racing team. The alliance produced the innovative sports car inspired watches: the Excalibur Skeleton Automatic Pirelli including the Excalibur Aventador Skeleton watch. Roger Dubuis continues to be an emblem of distinction in watchmaking throughout its celebrated journey and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon.

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