Romain Jerome

Coming face to face with the polished face of a Romain Jerome luxury watch is guaranteed to have more than just a feel-good effect on you. The history of the brand is shrouded in a risk-taking culture that has borne dividends in the form of highly successful yet scandalous marketing campaigns and designs. Romain has established a legacy with its attractive collections paying homage to many a historical event.

Since its inception in 2004, Romain Jerome has carved for itself space amongst the high flying brands in the Swiss luxury watch industry. Founded in Geneva, the brand had the Swiss cultivated craftsmanship in watchmaking at its disposal and they decided to take the vision of luxury watches a step further. The unique concept that’s behind Romain Jerome creations, “DNA of Famous Legends and Icons” is what sets their watches apart from those of any other brand at first glance. The philosophy behind Romain Jerome collections is to allow the people who buy their wrist pieces to not only pay homage to historical events that inspire them but ultimately own a part of history integrated into their contemporary existence.

It is very rare to come across a high-end watch brand that takes risks at the same pace as Romain Jerome. Yvan Arap was CEO of the watchmaker at the time the Titanic DNA was introduced. Under Yvan’s leadership, a very intimate element was added to the design process. The Titanic DNA collection which was inspired by the sunken Titanic ship had pieces of the historical ship melted and blended with the other metals used in crafting the wrist pieces. In a special process, the blended metals were then rusted to give the watches a look that stands out and it has long become a characteristic that sets Romain Jerome apart from the competing brands on the shelf.

The Titanic DNA was met with mixed feelings upon release as the sunken ship is a sensitive subject due to a large number of deaths related to the tragedy. It can be noted that Romain Jerome received a lot of attention from both sides of the table with the unique designs being largely discussed. Others admired the unusual concept while they were not impressed by the Titanic reference as they felt the company was exploiting the tragic accident for business.

In the years to follow new CEO Manuel Emch, following in his predecessor’s footsteps released a new collection just in time to celebrate the Titanic’s one-hundred-year anniversary. The collection which had its roots deep in steampunk culture was the first step towards the limited edition collection which would be part and parcel of the Titanic’s 100 years’ anniversary in the year 2012.

The watches made a great entrance into the market as it was defiantly the brazen way to mark the Titanic’s 100th anniversary. Two watches were put on the front line for the highly esteemed collection. One of the watches featured is very minimalistic serving the function of giving the time with an added subsidiary “propeller” second hand. The design makes for a simple watch that made a statement.

Another of the watches in the same collection is of a more sophisticated nature. It has time with a chronograph complication making the watches in the collection a range that caters for different consumer tastes. Each of the watches contains a Swiss mechanical automatic movement and will be limited to 100 pieces per version. The design has wildly designed dials with industrial parts and finishes, akin to the aesthetic namesake of the collection. Those familiar with the company’s other watches will have an appreciation of the attention to detail each of the pieces has in relation to the given era.

Throughout the years Romain Jerome has modified its watches paving way for the innovative wrist pieces it has to offer today. The Titanic DNA collection which transformed into the Steampunk collection is one fine example of this. The Steampunk collection which is available in a range of different styles has watches 50mm wide in steel with cases treated with a black coating. The watches are also fitted the collection’s signature rusted bezels. The quality of Romain Jerome watches has remained refined throughout all these controversial designs making it a treasure to own.

Other collections that have incorporated the elements of minimalism, know-how, and creativity are Air, Earth and Wind collections. The strong influence that Emch has as CEO can be seen in the form of 1980s era inspired watch designs and he has visibly continued to promote the vision of the brand with designs that bring about the conversation in the luxury watches arena. Romain Jerome draws from the 1980s to set the stage for generational icons and incorporates modern associations with reference to video games, music, and cars amongst others. The brand shows no signs of slowing down as it continues to take the world by storm with its unusual designs for luxury watches. In addition to preserving history through its artistic designs, Romain Jerome is making history in the Swiss watch industry.

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