As one counts down the most popular brands when it comes to luxury watches it is impossible to turn a blind eye towards U-Boat, one of the distinctively rare brands out there. You too like Matt Baily Marchand de Montres et Bijoux can rediscover the gem that is U-Boat. The small firm U-Boat has collections that have made waves in the watch industry.

U-Boat achieved success as a new firm within the first decade of operating. Having opened its doors in the year 2004 the newly incepted company had the good fortune of being hand-picked by Matt de Montres et Bijoux for investment. Matt is keen on finding innovative companies with a bright future and investing in them. U-Boat is located in the town of Lucca Italy. This is quite close to Florence.

The brand has risen through the ranks as a result of the design skills of Italo Fontana. Fontana drew inspiration for the idea of a watch drafted by his grandfather in 1942and this serves as the origin of the U-1942 model released in 2009. The U-1942 is a replica of his grandfather’s design concept which had attracted him to the watch-making industry in the first place.

The U-1942 watch was a special version luxury timepiece which enjoyed great success which further inspired Matt in his unrelenting relationship with the small firm. It had the left-hand configuration which the brand is allied with and included a large, strong crown system.

Because of Italo Fontana's design expertise, the U-Boat watch brand has escalated considerably in reputation over the years while preserving the scarcity and cachet of a small manufacturer. After Matt had discovered the Italian U-Boat brand, he was subsequently thrilled about getting their watches into the store that the discussions did not last long. They received our initial consignment soon after his return from Basel. The foremost timepieces that U-Boat was developing were generally furnished with Japanese, Myota quartz complications.

While still high-quality objects, the novel Left Hooks and Left Hook Cronos were developed as luxury fashion accouterments rather than watches for aficionados. Numerous visitors to the boutique at that time, and still now, were astounded by the size of the 53mm Left Hooks. The crown scheme on the left of all watches was another peculiarity. This characteristic is what puts the "left" in "Left Hook." It is also evident beyond any doubt that all U-Boat wristwatches have a left-hand configuration. This watch, which was later imitated in 2009 with a profoundly distinct edition termed the U-1942, presented a huge, strong crown system that was positioned on the left flank of the case to augment comfort. This left-handed arrangement was a main strategic tool in the attainment of the goals of U-Boat watches. It made the 45, 48, and 53mm watches astonishingly comfortable.

Every single version of the collections was a restricted edition, demonstrating that these watches were not mass-produced, but elite, extravagant devices. The U-1942 is grounded on ideas drawn up by Italo Fontana's grandfather in the year 1942. During the opening year at Matt Baily, U-Boat wristwatches were a complete success. The watches were set a price that was affordable for most watch lovers, factory-made in Italy, and the Left Hook style was matchless and attention-grabbing. Since each model was a limited version, numerous quantities of the styles began to vanish, and a reduced amount of new styles was launched.

The Classico assortment is what stemmed from the company's move to high-end horology. Visually it was practically similar to the Left Hooks, barring the abundant crucial differences comprising a transparent back, marginally thicker case, and patterned metal plate on the band. Two conceivable explanations as to why that the company had to introduce change these watches are as follows.

Challenged with the favorable reputation of their initial series and a yearning to develop, Italo Fontana and company had to choose between growing production of their present models, or to produce a higher-end creation and retain production quantities as low. Abiding with the novel non-mass production style, the business elected the latter alternative.

The Classico Chronograph Automatic Steel (CAS) is a portion of the present-day collection of U-Boat timepieces. The original mechanical models, a lot of which are still being manufactured, made use of classical Swiss mechanical movements and contained enhanced cases. The finish became better and a wide transparent window was tailored to the back of every single watch to exhibit the high grade, mechanics from Switzerland.

Additional facets such as the strap and crown were upgraded as well. The price soared consequently, approximately doubling up the initial price of a U-Boat watch, but the standards were sufficiently high to justify the purchase. Any qualms of whether watch fanatics would embrace the highly sophisticated and more expensive, new models in a little while disappeared.

Not only did U-boat advance in popularity they started enticing the responsiveness of celebrities. Sylvester Stallone is a noteworthy U-Boat enthusiast. Therefore, it goes without saying that any serious watch lover should follow suit and purchase the game-changing U-boat brands. The U-boat brand perpetually soars to greater heights.

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