Welder watches, the distinctively brilliant timepieces are a spin-off of the U-boat watch franchise. They are the perfect instance of a watch that has an established and beautifully crafted story. They have a stunningly exquisite appearance and possess a chic and elegant sense of flair. Welder watches also bring with them an extensively enthralling history. Unlike their parent company U-boat, Welder watches also feature a more comprehensive design style and have a somewhat reasonable pricing.

Welder watches generally have a jagged feel to augment their high-quality design. They have a somewhat oversized appearance supplemented by generous doses of modernity and industrial elegance. Because of the relative rarity to their brands in the market, owning a Welder watch will surely differentiate the owner from the rest of most folks’ modern watches. Another plus is that Welder watches are not restrained, instead, they are large, audacious, dazzlingly stunning and are engraved in intricate mazes of colourful patterns.In 1942, an Italian company that specialized in the design and manufacture of timepieces called Owcine Fontana devised a series of designs for watches for creating a mechanism meant to simply ascertain the amount of time spent by the senior officers of U-boat while in lower levels of sunshine. In spite of the considerable success that resulted from this initiative, owing to the shrewdness and functionality of the designs, formal manufacture of timepieces to serve this purpose was not scaled up. Italo Fontana a cousin of Owcine Fontana’s founder, later came across the designs and launched them under the U-Boat collective in 2000. These watches can generally be recognized by the distinctively famous crown, which is situated on the left side of the timepiece.

Italo Fontana’s newfound success through the U-Boat brand led to the extension of the variety of watches produced and with this natural evolution, Welder watches was born. The various collections of Welder watches manufactured in Italy are available in a number of forms and sizes. They have either a modern chronograph or a historically dial based approach depending on the customer’s preference. Furthermore, Welder watches have an additional layered three-dimensional dial, which provides a lumpy turn to the watch and inculcates a very up-to-the-minute and splendid look to the timepiece. The faces of the dials usually have a characteristic black shade. However, it is possible, though rare, to find some Welder models with white dial faces that bestow a dashing and astute look on the watch.

These watches have breathtakingly striking characteristics that include but are not necessarily limited to; interchangeability of straps created with a profound sense of versatility in order to satisfy most types of different watches. Other features to blow away any luxury watch enthusiast are the intricacies that are evident in the premium quality materials used to manufacture these magnificent watches. Furthermore, Welder watches embody the essence of the advanced technological processes and highly sophisticated methods utilized in the creation of this watch, a true hallmark of a leading modern watch in the luxury watches industry.

For those watch lovers that have a natural inclination towards masculine timepieces that are created to be witnessed by onlookers and those that naturally make a bold, vociferous and incomparable statement, then Welder watches would certainly suffice such a role since they are hands down an unadulterated perfection in choice... Every design of the Welder watch fashioned in Italy exudes an inherent emphasis on detail. These extraordinarily special watches are transported to their various purchasers inside a characteristic water-tight Welder timepiece box to realize the spectacular appearance that is synonymous with the brand thus giving it a superb final touch.

Wearing a Welder watch has frequently been likened to the priceless experience of having traveled in time and getting a sneak peek on what the appearance of watches ages from today will be. Many watch lovers across the globe have described Welder watches as a stroke of genius. They embody greatness in watchmaking. Some examples of this outstanding brand are as follows.

The Welder K26 5300

It is extremely easy to realize why this watch is recognized as a bestselling model. Notwithstanding its contemporary design, it is available in four lenses that are replaceable. These can be interchanged to suit the nature of your outfit, meaning many different looks from a single watch are possible. Additionally, users have the ability to move from using black or leather straps seamlessly as you wish. Not only is the oversized 46mm wide and 19mm thick Welder K26 5300 watch durable, but it is also resistant to damage from water, made from stainless steel accompanied by plating in black ion, is secured by mineral crystals that are resistant to scratching and the movements of the hands are enabled by using chronograph quartz from Japan

Welder 7104 K28

This watch has a casual appearance but it provides first-class timekeeping competences. The Welder 7104 K28 has a three-dimensional dial, displays time using a battery powered quartz, is 49mm in width and is even more water resistant than the K26 5300 and can go to the depths of up to 100 meters.

Other outstanding watches from Welder watches include the K35-2501, 7103 K28, Unisex 400 and the K38 700. The brand continues to grow from stride to stride and is primed for even greater instances of distinction in the future.

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